Top 10 Irish Snapchat Accounts To Follow For LOLZ, Fashion, Beauty And Fitness

It's the newest, deadliest way to waste time online – we're seriously into Snapchat, and here are the Irish accounts that are making it oh-so much fun.

It’s the latest obsession at STELLAR HQ (follow fashion ed Linda @lindaconway, deputy ed Rosemary @rosemarymaccabe and junior designer Katie @goldierocks) – so it’s only right that we’re giving you a round-up of our top Irish Snapchatters: the accounts we check first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

For the uninitiated, you might be wondering: what’s the point of Snapchat? Haven’t we got Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…

Well, yep, you may well do – but think of Snapchat as the more relaxed, earthier cousin. Twitter is largely about witticisms, retweeting and sharing deadly photographs; Instagram is for beautiful pics (and the odd inspirational quote); and Facebook is for staying connected to your nearest and dearest while also perving on guys you’ve seen on Tinder.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is for any random thought that comes into your head – and sharing pics of deadly things you see on your travels, however blurrily you snap them. It’s the totally un-snobby social network, and we are thoroughly obsessed! (Plus, you can totally spy on Kylie Jenner, up close and personal…)

Got any more suggestions for us? Please, do let us know! #snaphappy