Uh-Oh! Viewers Slam ‘The Life Of Kylie’ Following US Premiere

People said Kylie came off as arrogant and spoiled

Kylie Jenner’s eagerly anticipated solo reality show The Life Of Kylie premiered on E! in the states last night, and lets just say a lot of viewers weren’t happy with Kylie’s attitude.

The first episode of the show followed Kylie as she prepared to go to prom with a fan who had invited her over social media. This led to the conversation about Kylie’s own prom, which she did not get to go to as she was home-schooled. This is a pretty normal situation for celeb teens growing up in the public eye, but Kylie seemed to be pretty upset about the fact that she never got a prom.

The Lip Kit Kween continued to talk about the ‘pressure to post a selfie’ and how ‘hard’ it was for her growing up….

Viewers of the show took to twitter to vent their frustrations at what they called ‘privileged moaning’, and we have to say, some of them had a point.

So will you be tuning in when The Life Of Kylie airs over here?


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