United Airlines Banned Two Girls From Wearing Leggings On Their Flight And Celebs Are Up In Arms

Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Silverman, among others, called out the airline on Twitter

Celebrities are calling out United Airlines after two young girls were forbidden from boarding a flight for wearing leggings.

The girls, both aged 10, were turned away from their flight from Denver to Minneapolis yesterday because their clothes didn’t meet the airline’s standards – and people are not impressed.

Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Silverman, and Patricia Arquette are among the celebrities berating the airline for their stupid-ass policy.

United replied to Patricia Arquette, saying, “The traveler was a pass rider. As pass riders represent UA when they fly, they have a specific dress code.” Pass riders are passengers who fly on discounted tickets and are usually relatives of airline staff.

Keegan Allen and Seth Rogan sarcastically took to Twitter to show how ridiculous it is for an airline to police people’s clothing, pass rider or not…

With people already changing their travel plans in protest of the airline’s behaviour, perhaps criticising the young girls’ clothing wasn’t the smartest business move.

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