Video Footage Has Emerged Of Kim In Her Hotel Room In The Hours Following The Robbery

Radar Online are claiming it punches holes in Kim's official story.

Kim Kardashian

It’s been 10 days since Kim’s ordeal in Paris and so far she’s maintained radio silence on social media.

To date, we’ve only been given some small clue as to how she’s coping following the attack, with her sister Khloe revealing that she is “not doing that well” during an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Now, a new video has emerged on Radar Online and the site are suggesting it somehow questions the credibility of what happened to Kim that night.

The video appears to show Kim sitting on the couch in her hotel room in the hours following the attack, talking on a video call.

The three-and-a-half minute long video then pans around to reveal police officers and evidence markers in the room, as well as Kim’s assistant who is sat on the couch opposite her.

And it’s Kim post-robbery demeanor that has Radar Online questioning the credibility of her claims.

Henderson Cooper, a retired LAPD detective tells the site “I would have expected her to have been extremely nervous, and ill at ease.”

Right, so because Kim isn’t visibly hysterical her story must not be real? We’re calling BS. After all, don’t people deal with and process things in different ways?

Reps for Kim apparently agree and have told Radar that the video is not an accurate portrayal of Kim’s state of mind and say it was taken five hours after the robbery happened.

Since the attack, Kim’s claims have constantly been placed under scrutiny. Isn’t it time we give her a break and let her get on with getting better?


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