VMA Highlights: John Travolta Confusing A Drag Queen For Taylor Swift & Miley’s Emotional Performace

Normani and Lizzo were just electric!

MTV’s Video Music Awards took place last night for the 35th year.

As ever there were stand out performances, hilarious blunders and some interest celebrity interactions – all the things we live for, basically.

Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus were among the winners on the night, but there trophies weren’t the only thing people were talking about after the show ended.

Whether you watched the entire thing, followed the highlights on social media, or somehow managed to miss it all, we’ve got you covered with the best bits from the award show.

John Travolta tried to give Drag Queen Jade Jolie Taylor Swift’s award

John Travolta was tasked with handing over the award for best video alongside Queen Latifah, but tried to give it to drag queen Jade Jolie who starred in Taylor’s video.

It’s not the first time the actor was just slightly off the mark at an awards do, having called Frozen star Idina Menzel ‘Adele Dazeem’ at the  Oscars in 2014.  Why do they keep asking him back? Is this part of his brand now?

Miley Cyrus performed an emotional rendition of Slide Away following her split from Liam Hemsworth

It’s been less than a month since Miley and Liam announced their split, and Miley opted to carry out a raw and emotional performance which seemed to address it. The performance aired in moody black and white as Miley sang ‘So won’t you slide away
Back to the ocean, I’ll go back to the city lights’.

The song also includes the lyrics: “Move on, we’re not 17, I’m not who I used to be, You say that everything changed, You’re right, we’re grown now.” Thus breaking Miley/Liam stans’ hearts everywhere.

Lizzo’s energetic performance

If Miley’s performance had hearts breaking, Lizzo’s upbeat kick ass performance lifted our spirits like she does best.

She went for a medley of Truth Hurts and Good as Hell and we want to jump out of our seats every time we watch it (which is A LOT).

Normani did not let a little wardrobe malfunction ruin her memorable performance

The 23-year-old star gave us an electric performance of Motivation which left us out of breath even just watching it. Unfortunately, a slight wardrobe malfunction meant that her tear-off outfit didn’t tear off quick enough, and her dancer was left tugging at the garments for just a little too long. Didn’t matter though, she still launched right into some incredible gymnastics, solidifying that she can pretty much do it all.

Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes being massive teases with their flirty Senorita performance

They’ve been rumoured to be dating since they collaborated on the song, but they really played it up during their performance at the VMAs. The pair sang a sultry slowed down version and repeatedly got close enough to kiss and then… didn’t. Are they trolling us all? probably? Are we buying into it anyway? Absolutely!


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