Vogue & Joanne: ‘We’re In It Together. If I’m Having An Off Day, Vogue Will Step Up, & I’d Do The Same’

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If you haven’t heard of My Therapist Ghosted Me, you must be living under a rock.

The podcast has reached incredible heights, been listened to by just about every woman in the country, and sold out countless live show – but for hosts (and STELLAR’s December cover stars) Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally, it’s their listeners that make it all worth it.

Vogue says: “People talk to me all the time, in the park and stuff, they’ll come up and talk about the pod.

“I’m not just saying it to be nice to the people who listen, but we honestly have such a nice group of people listening to it. I just feel like social media can be a bit of a shit place sometimes but since doing the pod, I just think people are so sound.”

This ‘shit’ can come on social media, or through abuse after appearing on national telly. Joanne says that she has learned not to take advice from trolls… or accounts that don’t have a profile picture.

“I was reading a quote the other day… all I do is scroll through my phone and read quotes…” she says. “It was ‘People don’t hate you they hate themselves.’ That’s ultimately what it comes down to.

“They are projecting their own bullshit onto you. Once you kind of know that, it’s the truth. There’s something very triggering for a certain cohort of people, watching a woman like ourselves, who speaks publicly, has opinions for herself and doesn’t hate herself.”

The pair are used to travelling all around for their live shows, and for other work outside of the pod, but naturally, they always still look forward to coming back to Ireland – and to each other’s company.

“Any chance I get to come home, I’m obsessed with Ireland so I can’t wait to be back in the house. It’s amazing to be doing the 3Arena and to get to see more of Ireland too,” says Vogue.

Joanne adds that having company during live shows is something she’s looking forward to. “I’m so used to touring on my own. It can be tough. I am very fond of my own company but there are only so many conversations I can have with myself and so being on the road with Vogue, it’s just such a nice change.

“We’re in it together. If I’m having an off day, I know Vogue will step up and I’d do the same.”

You can read our full interview with Vogue and Joanne is December’s issue of STELLAR magazine – out nationwide now.

  • Photography: Evan Doherty
  • Interview: Megan Roantree
  • Makeup: Sue Brophy using Laura Mercier
  • Emma Smith for Platinum Expert Hair
  • Styling: Zeda
  • Assistant: Oran J Aurelio O’Reilly
  • Location: London’s Jet Studios
  • With thanks to Ryanair