Vogue Williams Just Shared A Hilarious Fake Tanning Tip For Breastfeeding Parents

The queen of bronze herself!

Vogue Williams is the tan queen. Always bronzey herself and with her own tanning line we reckon Vogue knows a thing or two about it.

And she proved us right this week as she shared a video with her best tanning tips. Sharing how to get the perfect glow, Vogue uploaded a video for her followers.

In it, Vogue gives a glimpse into her best tips and tricks for getting the perfect base. She says applying a serum the night before, on top of exfoliating and shaving 24 hours in advance is key.


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From there, Vogue hilariously shares a picture of her youngest child, Otto, with an orange filter on his face. For her final tip she says:

“To avoid this happening to your baby when breastfeeding.”

“Make sure to steer clear from the breast area when tanning”

Turns out, it’s really that simple. If you’re a breastfeeding parent, it might be wise for you to omit the tan in certain areas to avoid a tangerine baby.

Vogue says this is the ‘perfect tanning routine for mothers who are breastfeeding.’

Followers in the comments section were appreciative of her thinking of breastfeeding mothers, as they’re often limited with what they can and can’t do in the beauty world.

“Love this!!!! There are so many things we can’t have/do during pregnancy & breastfeeding, it’s nice to take this off the list”

“Love the little orange baby face: very important point though.”