Vogue Williams Thrilled As She Can ‘Finally Release’ New Tanning Product

And yep, it's what we guessed!


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Vogue Williams has finally announced the launch of her facial tanning mists.

Explaining that it’s a product she really loves herself because she always protects her face and never exposes it to the sun, the 34-year-old said:

“I never have my face in the sun so it’s always really pale. This product gives the perfect glow, it’s ingredients are super moisturising so it feels nice on your skin.”

Coming in three shades light, medium, dark, the mist comes in a blue bottle, making it distinct from her other products which come in pink, purple and white hues.


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Vogue’s husband Spencer Matthews is certainly a major fan of her latest product, after he let it slip months ago that he was using her “yet to be revealed” face mist.

In April, Spencer let the product slip, during a tanning video with Vogue, admitting that he never uses self tanner, Spencer went on to say, “I use the little spray thing on my face sometimes.” Laughing Vogue added “well that’s not meant to be coming out yet.”

Quickly trying to cover over the slip, Spencer then added “oh, well who knows what brand it is!”

And with a countdown to her pregnancy truly on, Vogue admitted that she could be welcoming her little girl “any day now.”

The mum-of-one also admitted that she’s now in the phase where she’s struggling to find something comfortable to wear, adding “maternity dressing gets harder the further along you are. Right now I don’t feel like jeans or leggings or anything remotely tight.”


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Well, in fairness to her, she makes pregnancy look like a breeze. A queen.

Spencer and Vogue are already parents to little Theodore, who turns two-years-old this September.


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