Wait…Did Kylie Jenner Just Confirm Her Pregnancy On Snapchat?

A lot of people think she did

So another week has gone by and we are no closer to finding out if Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not.

If we were to believe the numerous pictures that just slightly miss out showing her belly, or the super over sized clothes she’s been wearing, then all signs point to a new Kar/Jen baby sometime next year.

But it seems Kylie has dropped her biggest hint yet, some may say even a confirmation of her baby news.

Yep, you’re reading that right.

‘Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby.’ This was uploaded to Kylie’s snapchat just yesterday and she relaxed  by her pool.

Now, take from that what you will, but we are so taking this as another clue to the mystery.

Is she or isn’t she??


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