WAIT WHAT?! Could This Be Kylie Jenner’s Baby’s Name?

All signs point to yes...

Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her and Travis Scott’s first baby on Instagram on Sunday.


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While we haven’t been lucky enough to be told the name just yet, Kylie fans are convinced they’ve figured it out.

Signs are pointing to the suggestion that the baby girl is named Butterfly. It’s a pretty unusual name, we’ll admit, but it seems pretty likely.

Firstly, Kylie and Travis both having matching butterfly tattoos. Secondly, back in May, Travis tweeted “waiting on the [butterfly emoji]”.

Lastly, in her 11-minute announcement video, Kylie wore a butterfly necklace that the camera *very obviously* zooms in on.

Travis also has a song titled Butterfly Effect.

Do you think we could be onto something? Twitter seems to think so.

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