Wait, What? Nobody On Cheryl’s L’Oreal Shoot Knew She Was Pregnant And Now We’re Confused

This can mean only one of two things...

You know that recent L’Oreal Shoot where Cheryl is nursing a VERY prominent baby bump? Apparently none of the other stars on the shoot noticed she was pregnant at all… Eh, what now?

The group photo featured a star-studded lineup of British celebs including Katie Piper, Helen Mirren and X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, but apparently they didn’t know a thing about Cheryl’s growing belly.

This can mean one of two things. A) Each of the celebrities were shot separately and photoshopped to look like they were all there together, or B) Cheryl’s not pregnant at all and this is all some strange ploy on Cheryl’s part to troll everybody, everywhere…at least that’s what some fans are speculating.

Reckon that’s a tad far-fetched? We’re inclined to agree and luckily Louisa Johnson has cleared things up confirming to This Morning that all the shots were taken separately and parred together post-production. A-ha!

Still, the pop star has yet to speak publicly about the news, so everything from a due-date to the sex of the baby is all TBC.

C’mon Cheryl, just say something already.


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