Wait, What? Sasha Obama Isn’t Sasha Obama’s Real Name And People’s Minds Are Blown

She's not the only celeb with an alias, either.

Sasha Obama was propelled into the global spotlight in 2009 when her dad became President of the United States, and now people are learning that her name isn’t Sasha at all.

It turns out that the youngest daughter of Michelle and Barack is actually called Natasha, and it’s this name that appears on all of her legal documents.

After all this time, ‘Sasha’ has been nothing more than a nickname, and people are freaking out.

But Natasha Obama isn’t the only celebrity who’s name isn’t what we first thought. It was only last month that we discovered Gigi and Bella Hadid are actually called Jelena Noura Hadid and Isabella Khair Hadid.

Not only that, but Emma Stone’s real name is Emily Jean Stone, while Tiny Fey’s real first name is Elizabeth.

Mind = Blown.

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