Wanna Get Into The Circle Before The Final Next Week? Here’s What’s Been Going On

There's still time to catch up.

If you’re a reality TV fan, you’ve probably been stuck into The Circle since the end of September – if not, you’ve probably still heard whispers about The Circle. Fear not, there’s still time to catch up before the finale in ten days time! Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on and who’s who.

What Is It?

The Circle, presented by Emma Willis, retuned to our screens for its second season at the end of September, and has been on TV six nights of the week ever since. The whole premise behind the reality TV show is that “anyone can be anyone”, as the contestants communicate through a voice controlled social media like platform called ‘The Circle’, hence the name! Here, the players build the profile of themselves, or they have the option to Catfish their way through The Circle. Whichever persona they may think will prove the most popular to get them to the final and win the grand prize of €100,000.

Who’s In It?

Now that we have a bit of an understanding of what The Circle is, who’s in the show? As The Circle contestants have the option to either play themselves, or a catfish. things can get a little confusing.

Currently, we have Tim (the people’s favourite) a 58 year old ex monk playing as himself, James, a 26 years old recruitment consultant playing as Sammie, a single mother, as well as Woody, 18, playing as himself but not revealing that he’s the son of Fatboy Slim and broadcaster Zoe Ball. Amongst a handful of other players who are all trying to rank at the top in order to get to the final.

Plus, Irish influencer Paddy Smyth just recently entered The Circle. Paddy entered the show playing as himself, which means he is using all his own images and showcasing his own personality, but has decided to hold back on letting others players know about his disability.

We can almost guarantee that you’ll be hooked on The Circle after just one episode. Check it out on Channel 4 at 10pm every night – except for Saturday that is!


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