Warning: Jamie Dornan Has Shaved All His Hair Off And Looks VERY Different Now

Shocking, tbh.

jamie dornan

Whatever way you look at it, Irish actor Jamie Dornan is a ride. There’s no denying that. But the fact that he has gorgeous, perfectly maintained, beautifully wavy hair *does* help matters along.

Look at it there, all coiffed and casual:


If your love for Jamie and your love for Jamie’s hair are all tied up in one big celebrity-lust mess, we have some bad news for you. The hair is gone. Done. Buh-bye.

Yup, Jamie was spotted in LAX Airport over the weekend sporting a freshly shaven head. He still has a full beard, mind you, but his hair is no more. Essentially this whole aesthetic is the anti-Christian Grey, and we’re not sure what to think.

jamie dornan shave

Jamie has made every effort to distance himself from the Fifty Shades brand when he’s not filming, and has said in various interviews that he’s nothing like Mr. Grey off-set.

“I consider myself quite light-hearted, pretty easy-going, and I keep playing sick psychopath bastards,” he joked to The Guardian, just weeks after telling GQ he had “no interest” in the world of S&M, unlike his character in the Fifty Shades movies. “It doesn’t float my boat,” he told the magazine.

If the head-shaving is another move by the actor to separate himself from Mr. Grey, we’re on board. Plus, if you miss the hair that much, you can catch it on the big screen in Fifty Shades Darker from February 10th. Nbd.

Check out STELLAR.ie’s red carpet chat with Jamie when he came to Dublin in September 2016 below!


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