Warning, Ryan Gosling Talking About His Kids Will Set Your Ovaries Alight

Too much for one gal to cope with.

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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are notoriously private about their life as parents, preferring to raise their brood of two out of the spotlight as much as possible.

If we’re being honest though, that’s just fine with us, because every time we hear The Gosling talking about fatherhood we start to feel a little overwhelmed. It’s just too much, y’know?

Luckily the actor kept things relatively brief when chatting about five-month-old daughter Amada and two-year-old Esmeralda to Entertainment Tonight this week.

“They’re angels,” he gushed, calling the last two years “the happiest time in my life.”

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We’ll have to stop you there Ryan, as our ovaries are about to explode.

Eva gave birth to Amada, whose name means “beloved,” back in April 2016. As with their first child, the couple made no official birth announcement, preferring to let the world figure things out for itself, which it did, but only thanks to a grainy pap shot of Eva that surfaced EIGHT months into her pregnancy.

Speaking shortly after Amada’s birth, Ryan told People he’d found a new lease of life since becoming a dad.

“It sounds so clichéd, but I never knew that life could be this fun and this great,” he revealed.

Too cute.


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