Warning: The Reason Will Smith Dropped Out Of His Role In Dumbo Is *Really* Infuriating

Dry your eyes, Will, you big diva.

Will Smith was set to star in Disney’s live-action remake of Dumbo, but has just dropped out because the studio won’t pay his insanely high fee.

Considering the fact that Emma Watson was paid $3 million to play Belle in Beauty And The Beast, it seems excessive that the Fresh Prince of Belair demanded $20 million.

The part he was due to play wasn’t even that big… unless the father of the children who form a bond with Dumbo is suddenly the star of the show.

Tim Burton will direct this remake, which follows the same plot as the 1941 original about a little elephant with enormous, magical ears.

Will managed to get the $20 million fee elsewhere by signing on to appear in the Netflix Original film Bright, which probably means he’ll carry on having these costly notions about his worth.

Sure, he’s talented, but $20 million worth of talent? We’re not so sure.

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