Watch: Iggy Azalea Continued A Show As A BackUp Dancer Had A Seizure & She’s Defending Her Decision


We’ve seen some pretty crazy things happen on stage during some star’s performances, but what happened at an Iggy Azalea concert this week takes the cake.

The australian singer was performing at a concert in Rio De Janiero when one of her back up dancers suffered a seizure on stage.

Many other dancers rushed to her aid, despite the fact that the star was mid song, but it seems the Work singer is  firm believer that the show must go on…

So in fairness, she did call for medical attention through her mic, but didn’t feel the need to stop the song..

But now, the rapper has defended her decision to continue the show, saying she “thought she had just fallen/twisted her ankle”, only later realising that the situation was more serious, and felt the need to “keep singing until the music stops”.

Right… still a bit strange though?


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