We Finally Know Ekin Su’s Response To Nathalia’s ‘Ekin-Who’ Comment…And It Was Perfect

Ekin-Who? Ekin....

This year’s Love Island has given us plenty of quotable moments, from Davide impassioned, “You are a liar, an actress, get the f*ck out” to Paige’s excited, “Oh my gosh, look-at-that-guy” to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.But it turns out, one of the funniest moments might have been cut from the show.

We all remember the iconic “Ekin-who.” When new girl Nathalia Campos entered and set her sight on Davide, which caused some tension between her and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

The girls’ got into an argument one night, during which Nathalia said, “I don’t need to prove anything babe, honestly who are you for me to prove anything?

Ekin-Su being Ekin-Su, of course, said, “I am Ekin-Su babe and there’s only one of me.” For most the argument would’ve ended here but Nathalia embraced her bombshell status and hit back with, “Who is that to me? Who is that to me though, Ekin-who…?”

Their fight gained plenty of attention, with “Ekin-who” being meme-ified on Twitter.

But the argument scene ended without us hearing Ekin-Su’s response, and considering how hilarious she is, we were all pretty curious.

Well, now thanks to fellow former island Deji Adeniyi, who has been sharing some bts secrets with fans on social media, we finally know what she said after the infamous line was utter…and it’s just as glorious as we imagined.

“After Nathalia said Ekin-who, Ekin responded ‘Ekin-your mum’ and for me that is the funniest moment.” Deji told followers as he burst into laughter.

“Ekin-your mum”…we did not see that one coming, but it’s truly better than any of the memes on Twitter.


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It all seems to be in good fun, as the girls got along after their fight.

When Nathalia was leaving the villa, her and Ekin-Su hugged goodbye, with Ekin-Su saying, “nice to meet you, let’s stay in touch.”

While in the confessionals, the actress said, “I do wish them the best, obviously me and Nathalia had a little war, which I’ll never forget. Obviously no bad vibes, I just…I love the girl, she’s lovely.”

So it seems the great pancake battle of 2022 has finally come to a close!

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