We Just Found The Best Self Tan Eraser – And We’re Waving Goodbye To Streaky Skin

STELLAR PROMOTION: Cocoa Brown's Self Tan Eraser is a game changer

We all know what it’s like to be slaving away on a Thursday evening doing our weekly routine.

The shower is steaming, you’re lightheaded, and your Spotify is stuck on a six minute ad, but you can’t get out of the shower yet because your stubborn tan won’t come off!

It’s a monstrous task that never gets any easier – or so we thought.

Enter, Cocoa Brown’s Fresh Start!


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This revolutionary tan eraser literally has us waving goodbye to crusty, patchy tan. It’s a fast working foam that helps to lift the tan off your skin, leaving no residue.

Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter designed it to be tough on your tan but gentle even on super sensitive skin.

I tried it out myself, and couldn’t believe how easily the tan rubbed off. Combined with one of their exfoliating mitts, it literally pulls the tan away from your body, revealing fresh, smooth skin underneath.

The moisturising formula is truly magic too; my skin was baby soft. I wanted to put on silky pyjamas so I could feel like a dolphin, but I had another, more pressing task at hand; testing how good my tan would come out afterwards.

I applied my fresh tan on to my newly exfoliated and clear skin (Cocoa Brown medium is my go-to), and watched as it developed completely streak free.

I probably had the most even and natural looking tan since the time during lockdown when I didn’t fake tan for months.

Consider me obsessed!

If you want to try it out yourself, here’s the instructions for optimal use.

(You’ll want to use it on tan thats a few days old for the best results – perf for your weekly everything shower!)

Step 1: Pump foam applicator and apply Fresh Start directly to the skin.

Step 2: Leave for at least five minutes.

Step 3: Shower with warm water, using a wet face cloth to wipe away the tan.

Step 4: For stubborn areas such as the knees, feet and ankles, use an exfoliating mitt to gently remove tan.

Pick up a bottle of Cocoa Brown Fresh Start Self Tan Eraser at any Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter stockist for just €9.95!