‘We Need A Netflix Series’, Joanne And Vogue Shares Their Thoughts On GAA Catfish Saga

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If you haven’t listened to The 2 Johnnies’ podcast on The GAA Catfish saga, a whole two-soon-to-be-three episodes, then you need to get on it.

We summarise the backstory of the most talked about Irish pop culture moment “since Nadine Coyle lied about her age on Popstars” here, but for those of you who have caught up, I’m sure you’ll agree with comedian Joanne McNally when she says that we need a “Netflix series” on the whole ordeal.

When filling co-host Vogue Williams in on the story during their latest episode of My Therapist Ghosted Me, the presenters were shocked to hear of “Cora/Nicky’s” ongoings and admitted that they couldn’t believe this was happening in Ireland; calling it the Irish version of the wild and bizarre Netflix lockdown hit “The Tiger King”.


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‘The story is fascinating, and there are more twists that I haven’t told,” explained Joanne. “We need a Netflix series, to make sense of it, or she [Nicky] needs to write a book – a magically inspiring one likes yours,’ Joanne said to Vogue noting her upcoming children’s book, Jump for the Stars.

Adding that Nicky seems very smart to be playing multiple roles at once, Vogue added that she’s fascinated she was able to keep so many relationships going at the one time, admitting that it’s “too much” and she obviously mustn’t “have a job or something”.


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Continuing, although both Joanne and Vogue joked about the situation, Vogue noted that she’s glad the podcast isn’t outing the girl behind it all, adding that “she obviously needs help”, but hopes that she apologises for all the pain caused.

You can catch up on all the Catfish drama here.

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