Here’s The Latest With The GAA Catfish Saga

A part three of the podcast is coming, and The 2 Johnnies have given us some insight into what we can expect.


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I’m sure by now – even if you haven’t listened to it yourself, that you’re well versed from reading your WhatsApp group chats on all things ‘The GAA Catfish’.

Earlier this month, after first telling the story briefly to a packed out 3Arena audience, Johnny B decided to tell his story of being catfished in January 2022 on his podcast The 2 Johnnies.

Telling the story with more detail alongside co-host Johnny Smacks, the pair broke the whole story into chapters, and couldn’t believe the reaction it garnered after release, but more so, the details that began to emerge as more people heard it.

Continuing the podcast with a part two, the boys discovered that it looked as though over 30 men in the worlds of GAA and showbiz had been catfished by multiple accounts which appeared to be linked. But they were also aware that the story was ever-emerging and noted that a part three might be needed.

Now, the pair have confirmed that a part three is coming, revealing that over 100 people have contacted them with “horror stories” of the GAA Catfish.


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Giving fans some insight, Johnny Smacks said: “Just to give a quick update, there will be a part three but we’re collecting and processing everything at the moment. But just to summarise, we’ve had over 100 people directly contact us with their horror stories of this catfish.”

Continuing, Johnny B added that these aren’t word-of-mouth stories, but people who have contacted them directly.

“The earliest catfish that we have as of yet is 2010. So, 12 years so far,” Johnny Smacks continued.

As for the identities of the individual or individuals behind these accounts, well, they will not be revealed. The 2 Johnnies have noted that all identities will remain anonymous to protect those involved.

In January, Johnny B was catfished by a girl named “Cora”, living in Limerick with 15K followers online. As the pair began chatting and their online “connection” began to grow, they made multiple plans to meet up, all which feel short as Cora had excuses. Between her aunt suddenly dying to catching Covid-19, Johnny B noticed that something fishy was up and so, did some investigating before ultimately – and sadly, recognising that ‘Cora’ didn’t in fact exist.


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With a little bit more digging, the story progressed. It turned out that the Cora account was linked to a whole host of fake accounts all targeting men under the same premise – looking for a romantic relationship.

Now, Johnny B and Johnny Smacks are adding up all the pieces and preparing for part three of the story which will no doubt, reveal more fake accounts linked to the ‘Cora’ and connected accounts, as more people get in touch with the pair and share their similar catfishing stories.

As for the reaction on Twitter so far, fans are going wild for the story, with thousands of tweets and many mentions of the story becoming Ireland’s latest pop culture phenomenon.

“The #GAACatfish saga is the most chaotic Irish Pop Culture moment since Nadine Coyle lied about her age on Popstars (and that’s a fact),” one user tweeted, while another added:

“Can just see Paul Mescal breaking out the GAA shorts in preparation to play Johnnie B for the Disney+ series #GAACatfish” 

A release date for part three has not yet been revealed, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.