“We’re Seeing How Everything Goes” Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole On Her Romance With Bryce

We'll admit it, we also didn't see this one coming...

We can give Too Hot To Handle a bit of credit for shocking us all lately. First, we were left a little wide-eyed at the show’s concept itself, if you haven’t watched it yet (what have you been doing?), check out everything you need to know here. Then came the news that Harry and Francesca are still together, a whole year later. Now? Well, now what’s shocking us is the romance between two of the show’s contestants, Nicole and Bryce. To be honest, we weren’t expecting this at all.

Speaking to Grazia, Cork gal Nicole revealed that after filming, she grew closer to Bryce and she was even planning on flying out to him in L.A. You know, back when we could make holiday plans. “I’ve gotten very, very close to Bryce, we’re trying out dating and just seeing where it goes,” she tells Grazia.


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“We didn’t have much time [to get to know each other] through filming because there’s so much going on on a day-to-day basis. When we finished we were in a hotel for a few days, so we got close there and we were chatting one on one. We’re very chilled, we’re seeing how everything goes and not putting any pressure on it.”

Nicole shared that yacht-living Bryce isn’t her usual type, “On the show, honestly, he’s not my usual type. After I got to know him more, I grew to like him more and more because he is just such a lovely person. And he’s obviously handsome.”

For now, with Bryce in LA and Nicole in London, they’ll be keeping their chilled relationship long-distance, so we won’t be seeing Nicole or Bryce grace each other’s Instagram feeds anytime soon.


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