What Can We Learn About The 12 New Love Islanders From Their Instagrams?

This crowd are all moving to the villa *Iain Stirling voice* TONIGHT.

Last night, the biggest bombshell was dropped on this year’s Love Islanders – a whopping 12 new contestants were about to be moved in to a second villa, dubbed Casa Amor.

The new 12 are all just as gorgeous and buff as the originals, and we couldn’t resist also having a snoop on their Instagrams to get a glimpse into their personalities (we did the first 12 here, and are happy to say we were right about most).

The only one we can’t find is 24-year-old tanning shop assistant Charlie Williams, who we assume is an absolutely lovely girl as a result. But here are the rest!

Darylle Sargent, 24

GET IN ? Darylle rocking up on #loveisland

A post shared by Darylle Sargeant?✨ (@daryllleee) on

Darylle has loads of tattoos and piercings so SHE DIFFERENT. Her Instagram is mostly modelling and festival shots, but she’s fond of a bit of glitter and sequins so we might just get along.

Would Adam say “Ah wud be lyen if Ah said Ah didn’t find her attractive liek?” Yes
Craic/no craic? Tentative ‘craic’

Jordan Adefayisan, 23

I’m READY are YOU…. ? #loveisland #itv2

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Jordan is also a model, and posts a lot of pictures of himself standing topless, staring off into the middle distance. But there must be more to know about him? Well, he owns a Mercedes, and he dressed as a skeleton for two Halloweens in a row. That’s about it for now.

What an amazing day ??

A post shared by JORDAN ADEFAY (@jordanadefay) on

Would Megan mug someone off for him? Probably
Craic/no craic? No craic unforch

Ellie Jones, 22

So this is where it’s getting interesting: Ellie dated current Islander Jack Fincham ‘on and off’ in 2016, but doesn’t appear to want to cause any trouble for him and Dani. She seems to be literally always in a bikini, so she’s going to do just fine in there.

Date night with my man drake ?#drizzy

A post shared by Elliejones (@elliejones_xox) on

Would Adam say “Ah wud be lyen if Ah said Ah didn’t find her attractive liek?” Yes
Craic/no craic? You’d think cos she dated Jack she might be, but it’s unclear for now

Charlie Brake, 23

Charlie is a self-described ‘socialite’ from Chelsea, and seems to spend a lot of time living it up in seriously lavish fashion in France. So it’s probably fair to say he has a few bob on him? Have a scroll through his feed and you’ll probably take agin him, as we have done.

merci beaucoup

A post shared by Charlie Brake (@charliebrake1) on

Would Megan mug someone off for him? Nah
Craic/No craic? No craic soz

Kazimir Crosley, 23

First of all, what a name. Second of all, what a face! Kazimir is Thai, and appears to be just back from a very long trip around SE Asia. We love a well-travelled fish! Fun fact: She appeared in Chris and Kem’s Little Bit Leave It music video. That Love Island connection.

Would Adam say “Ah wud be lyen if Ah said Ah didn’t find her attractive liek?” Oh DEFINITELY
Craic/no craic? We’re gonna go out on a limb and give her an enthusiastic Craic!

Dean Overson, 25

Dean has very tall hair. He also has extremely white teeth, which I guess gives him and Jack something to talk about. His Instagram career has been fairly short, but does reveal that he used to play football. A man of mystery.

Still getting used to smiling but thank god I've lost that pout and serious face ??

A post shared by Dean Overson (@dean_overson) on

Would Megan mug someone off for him? Gonna say no
Craic/no craic? Mmmm… no craic

Savanna Darnell, 22

HERE WE GO ?❤️ #loveisland #supportsav

A post shared by Savanna |????? (@savannabelladarnell_) on

Yes, this woman has short hair. It must be a Love Island first? She’s a singer and dancer, and one of her promo pics for the show has her busting herself laughing in the most adorable and endearing way. Her da is the singer Kid Creole, so she and Dani can compare notes on famous papas.

Would Adam say “Ah wud be lyen if Ah said Ah didn’t find her attractive liek?” Well she doesn’t have long dark hair, so maybe not
Craic/no craic? Craic! Definitely

Frankie Foster, 22

Frankie so ANGERY in his promo pic! Cheer up Frankie! He’s extremely sporty and devoted to the gym, which indicates he may be boring, but he loves his dogs, which indicates he might be a nice lad. God, this is difficult work.

‘look off camera’ ? #sundaywalkin #pooch #fam #mothersday

A post shared by Frankie Foster (@frankiefoster3) on

Would Megan mug someone off for him? Perhaps!
Craic/no craic? Potentially craic

Grace Wardle, 25

Grace seems like your typical hun – lots of living room corner OOTNs, pictures of cocktails, and the occasional inspirational quote. Somehow, she emerges as a likeable presence, and we kind of want to gossip with her and tell her all our secrets.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ?

A post shared by Grace Wardle (@grace.wx) on

Would Adam say “Ah wud be lyen if Ah said Ah didn’t find her attractive liek?” Again, not his type on paper, but he could surprise us
Craic/no craic? Craic

Jack Fowler, 22

Ready to spice things up in that villa! ❤️??? #teamfowler

A post shared by JACK FOWLER / FOWLER FITNESS (@_jackfowler_) on

Another sports nut, Jack here is a semi-professional footballer. IF YOU DON’T MIND. He set up his grid one time to be a picture of him followed by a picture of the words ‘JOURNEY’, ‘AMBITION’, ‘RISE’, and ‘BLESSED’ and TBH we can’t, sorry.

Would Megan mug someone off for him? No
Craic/no craic? No craic

Alex Miller, 28

We have him earmarked for Laura, now that Wes has proved himself to be a shnaaake she needs a man, not a boy. Don’t disappoint us, Alex. His Instagram features dogs, him capably holding babies, and delicious sandwiches, and we might be in love him a little bit already.

Needy little hound #dogsofinstagram #dog #chihuahua

A post shared by Alex Miller (@mralexmiller1990) on

Would Megan mug someone off for him? Well maybe if Laura liked him, since she has form in that area
Craic/no craic? Craic



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