What Exactly Was In The Kardashians Premiere’s €366 Goodie Bag?

Okay, but how do we get one?


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If there is one thing celebrity celebrations are known for, it’s the goodie bags. Just recently the Oscar’s goodie bag made waves for containing a Lordship title and a plot of land in Scotland. But when it comes to being OTT, no body does it like the Karjenners. So, of course their goodie bags for The Kardashian’s premiere were going to be stunning.

The premiere was to launch the beginning of their new show The Kardashians, and guests were definitely in for a treat. Thanks to Remi Cruz a.k.a. @missremiashten on TikTok, we know exactly what was on offer. Remi was one of the lucky few who were invited to the event, and shared her goodie bag on TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, it was full of the most coveted Karjenner products. First up was a SKIMS dressing gown, specifically the Cozy Knit Robe, which costs €144.00.

Next was a full bottle of Kendall’s 818 Blanco Tequila, which is normally around $45.00 or €41.00.

After that was Kourtney’s Positively Poosh Ultrasonic Diffuser Kit which is $80.00 or €73.56.

Then came the limited edition Rise Candle from Kris’ brand Safely, which is worth $19.00 or €17.47.

@missremiashten 10/10 goodie bag @kardashianshulu ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

There was also a miniature Kylie Skin Four-Piece Mini Set, which costs €39.99, along with the newly released Kylie x Kendall Lip Crayon Set, which is €36.00.

And last but not least, a set of So Good Tube Socks from Khloe’s jean brand Good American, which are €13.98.

So all together the Karjenner goodie bag was worth around a shocking €366.00.

While it’s a real shame we weren’t invited to the premiere and didn’t get our hands on one of those brilliant bags, don’t be too sad about it. The Kardashians will be available in just four days time, and while there probably won’t be goodie bags for those watching at home, there will be plenty of drama to keep us entertained instead.


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