What Happens When You Get Hair Removal Cream On Your Vagina?

A whole lot of ouchy, that's what.

Hair removal bikini line

It’s a super delicate area, and the thought of putting a chemicalised cream powerful enough to zap hair from our skin anywhere near our vaginas is somewhat intimidating. Are you at risk of frazzling your lady bits?

Well yes, but only if you’re clumsy enough to get some of the cream on to your intimate area. A quick read of the label on a tube of Veet Cream reveals that it’s safe for blitzing your bikini line, but for the love of god, keep it away from your actual genitals.

But let’s get real here: with all that slippery cream involved it’s easy to mess things up, so what happens when you get it wrong and a little Veet finds its way further south around your vulva?

A quick Google search reveals some pretty gruesome horror stories…

Okay so I used Veet (the hair removal cream) in attempts to shave my pubic hair and it worked, except now I have intense burning down there after washing it over and over with soap and hot water (could it be the soap irritating it?) and when I pee it burns really bad and I need a solution! I tried just putting a little aveeno down there but nothing is working and I’m freaking out. I can’t afford to go to the doctor. So any solutions? Please help!” – Yahoo Answers

My vagina looked as if it had been in a pub brawl. It was all bright red, swollen and sore. The skin was all raised up and pimply like a plucked chicken. When I got out of the shower I couldn’t even pat myself dry because it was stinging so much. By now, it felt as if I’d scolded it in a boiling hot bath.” – Mamamia Aus.

I made the mistake of using some sort of cream to remove pubic hair about 2 years ago and it took me about a year to get down there back to normal. – A visitor to Women’s Health.

And then there’s this lady…

The lesson? If you’re using hair removal cream down there, be super duper careful with your application, or, y’know, play it safe and just get a wax instead.


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