What Team STELLAR Has Learned About Ourselves In Isolation

Sure it only took a pandemic and the whole world slowing down for 2020 to be the year of realising stuff for Team STELLAR...


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Amie, Staff Writer

“I learned that I take a lot of things for granted. I think of the times I was able to jump on a bus to go ‘back home’ to visit my family, of after work drinks after what felt like a long day, strolling into town and meeting my friends for lunch, or taking a gander in Penneys and picking up bits that mount up to a whole lot.

I particularly miss being able to hug my favourite people, cuddle my dog and share laughs and stories around a table. At least there’s a silver lining that I’ll never be taking little things for granted again.”

Megan F, Fashion Editor

“This has taught me that I really love spending time with my mam. I miss her company the most out of everyone’s, which has pleasantly surprised me. I also realised that I am not a horrific cook. Given a bit more time to think and make decent dinners has me feeling like Jamie Oliver so I’d like to continue to make more half decent meals.

Having just recently moved in with my boyfriend (about a week prior to quarantine life!) I have found that I am not the more needy one as I once thought! As much as I am loving all of this extra time together, I do love my little walks on my own. Lastly, even though I did already value them so much, I know now for sure that time with friends is everything. Happiness and health are by far the most important things and anything after that is a bonus!”

Jade, Editorial Intern

“I’ve definitely learned that routine is key for me. I like to have set times and places for work and set times to chill (still trying to stick to these). And the magic that is a walk really fixes everything right now.

Most importantly I’ve learned that a video call is much better than a phone call and lastly that I need to stock up on face masks in future just in case, because I am raging that I didn’t before this!”

Vicki, Editor in Chief

“Quarantine has sort of confirmed a lot of things I suspected about myself – mostly that I’m deeply, profoundly lazy at heart. While I have a busy job and life, deep down inside I am just an Inner Sloth, dying to live my best sloth life.

I’ve learned that our readers are even more amazing than I already thought – my heart has leapt every time I’ve received a completed crossword or kind tweet. I’ve also learned I don’t want to live in a world without Gelish manicures.

And I’ve learned to just give in to the slowness, to appreciate this time with my amazing husband and ageing dogs that I’d never have got to experience otherwise. To cook more, to learn about wine, to read and write not because it’s my job, but because I love it.

To really focus on my health and looking after myself instead of just always being on the go. I’ve learned to jog, which Inner Sloth can’t quite comprehend, but it’s happening. I’ve learned how precious my family are friends are, and just how much I appreciate them and their company.”


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Katie, Art Director

“I’ve learnt that walking without purpose isn’t something I do enough of! It’s usually a warm up cool down vibe for me when running so. I’ve been really enjoying walking in the sunshine with music and podcasts and not needing to be concerned with anything else.

I’ve been exploring old teenage hang out spots and getting very nostalgic altogether but I feel like it’s allowing me to slow down and embrace the places I haven’t bothered with for years.”

Megan R, Staff Writer

“Quarantine has confirmed a lot of things for me, like that my work is very much part of who I am and the fact that I get to write every day and work with amazing people I’m lucky enough to call friends which makes me so grateful. I often wondered how I’d cope if I didn’t have a solid 9-5 and this time has meant that I don’t have to wonder. However, I have learned that I’m a lot more adaptable than I would have thought due to past experiences, so it’s taught me that I can manage whatever is thrown at me, but that I favour structure.

I would have thought I’m not great at being on my own, but isolation and limited walks has taught me how to appreciate my own time more, but to be very grateful that I have a wonderful partner to be going through this with. For the first time in a long time my brain doesn’t feel in overdrive, because the whole world is slowed down, so I can too, and that I don’t always have to be in a rush or doing something, and it’s been good for me. It’s something that I hope to carry out of this stage. Oh, and I have learned to wear my nice clothes and stop saving them for a special occasion that may never come.”

Denise, Online Editor

“I’ve never had so much time to get creative when it comes to making tasty and healthy lunches and dinners. Previously, I would have thought these were too much effort or that I didn’t have the time and instead, I’d opt for convenience over nutrition. Now, however, I’m starting to realise just how easy it is to whip up a quick stir fry or make a tasty veggie curry and I’m definitely noticing the difference to my energy levels too!”


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Adele, Staff Writer

“I’ve learned I can be quite strict on myself. I haven’t had any issues sticking to a schedule particularly when it comes to work. The temptation to finish up half an hour early or take an extra-long lunch hasn’t been there. I have a job to do and I’m very determined to get that done to the best of my ability. I take no messing from myself and this has allowed me to keep a normal sleep, work, and relax schedule.

I enjoy the simple things in life. Strangely enough, the closure of pubs, cancelled holidays, and postponed events didn’t really bother me when this situation happened. I miss things like walking my dog with my friend on a sunny afternoon, and getting a takeaway with my boyfriend on a Friday night.

I’ve learned that I worry. A lot. I kind of always knew this, but coronavirus has launched me into a constant state of worry since it arrived on our shores. From worrying about people I love, to the families who are going through the unthinkable and countries less fortunate than us and everything else. It’s something I need to work on managing (and now I’m working about not being able to control my worrying).”

Valerie, Deputy Editor

“I’ve found that like Denise, I have time to do things I’ve always put off. I practice yoga almost every day, cook a lot more, and have been reading a ton, In Normal Times I walked to work, which took a good chunk out of my day, but I miss it. I miss having an actual desk. I miss the gals.

This experience has confirmed that I need to manage my time better – yes, I am busy, but a yoga video takes 20 minutes and I feel so much better after it. I can’t say the same about the many minutes I spend aimlessly scrolling on my phone. I have time, and from now on, I’m going to be more mindful about how I spend it.”


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