‘Um, Thanks, You Shouldn’t Have’: Here’s What To Do With THAT Unwanted Gift You Got This Year

It's inevitable you're going to have at least one unwanted pressie this year, so rather than adding it to the abundance of clutter in your room, here's what you can do with it instead...

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Here’s the deal: your aunty (yeah, the one who thinks you still like green eyeshadow) got you a stack load of pressies this year that you don’t actually want or like. You don’t want to be ungrateful, but you sure don’t want them cramming up your bedroom either. So what’s a gal to do?

Well, here are four ways to put that unwanted pressie to good use.


Birthdays, Valentine’s and even next Christmas, it may seem a little selfish but there’ll be plenty of opportunities to regift those fizzy bath bombs that you don’t want, to someone who’ll get the use out of them in the coming year. Stash any unwanted gifts away in a designated section of your wardrobe where you’ll see them and remember to pull them out when your mate’s birthday or graduation rolls around.


When you’re lucky enough to have been given a gift receipt, take full advantage. Most stores allow you up to 28 days to bring back the goods with a receipt, while many others will allow an exchange within the same time frame. Get ye to the store STAT!


Christmas is the time for giving and all that, so if you’re a bit strapped for cash and haven’t been able to donate to any charities this festive season why not make it your mission to give your unwanted pressies to a charitable cause? You’ll feel all the better for it, and we reckon a homeless shelter or a charity shop will be all too happy to take it off your hands.


You’re not fussed on that nude palette you got but you know your bessie would love it. Likewise, she’s been given a a book she doesn’t want that you’d be delighted to take off her hands. Get all your mates together, stockpile all your unwanted pressies and have a swapping party. You might just be surprised at the deadly stuff they’re happy to part with and you’ll get rid of some of your gear in the process too.

Still stuck with something you don’t want? For higher priced items, bring the gift to a consignment store where they’ll sell it for you. We love Siopaella in Temple Bar for doing just that.


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