What’s All The Hype About? A Newbie’s Guide To Joining TikTok

No, you're not too old to 'hit the woah' and join the social media app that's taking over!

Almost two billion downloads. That’s how many times TikTok, an app made famous for its short form viral videos, has found its way onto another device. Having launched in 2017, TikTok, which was formally known as Musical.ly, has seen such rapid growth that it became the third most-dowloaded app behind WhatsApp and Messenger last year. The driving force behind that growth? The Gen-Zers who took to the app like a moth to a flame, creating everything from short and sweet comedy to 15 second dance videos that slowly, but surely captivated the wider and older audience.

Offering a form of escapism that is so clearly needed at a time like this, TikTok, which was noted by The New York Times as “the only truly pleasant social network in existence” is giving its users, regardless of their age, that feel-good factor. An opportunity to follow a dance challenge, lip sync to a famous Kardashian scene or update their Spotify playlist (as I so often do, the app has great music). But the beauty about TikTok is that it allows those who consume it the choice to create content or sit back and become a member of the audience. And like any good show, if it doesn’t have you up off your seat and dancing, it will have you clapping for an encore.


“I, like many, downloaded TikTok as a bit of a joke at the beginning” explains Ciara, 36. “I was sent a TikTok workout video from a friend on WhatsApp, and it instantly spiked my interest to see more. I thought I’d have a quick flick though the app and be done with it, but months later and I’m still on it. I love it for handy recipe ideas and workout videos, but most recently, I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to participate in those viral couple challenges that keep popping up. It’s light entertainment to pass the time and thankfully, I feel like I’m slowly winning him over!”

But TikTok isn’t just providing people with entertainment, it’s also helping creators and influencers grow their platforms, showcase their creativity and connect with a new and wider audience. Creators are the heart of TikTok, they’re what sustains the brand and Irish beauty influencer, Aideen Kate is all about the app. “I love TikTok so much as it lets you be as creative as you want” explains Aideen. “It gives you the chance to do things you that you wouldn’t dare try on your Instagram which also makes it super exciting”. And with almost half a million likes across her TikTok videos, Aideen is growing a serious fanbase.


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So… how do I navigate TikTok as a newbie? 

First off, throwing yourself into its pool of hashtags will help you to find content and TikTokers that suit you. From celebrities to athletes, comedians to dancers, there’s so much choice on the app so, this is a good place to start. From what you search to what you spend time looking at, TikTok will then cultivate videos that it thinks will spark your interest and basically, keep you hooked. These will then be shown on the ‘For You’ page which automatically opens when you click into the app. The ‘For You’ feed is also a great place to get a taste of what’s trending, what songs are currently popular with fellow TikTokers and what challenges are doing the rounds.


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Before you know it you’ll by flyin’ and sure look, anything that provides a welcome distraction.

5 TikTok Accounts To Get Following! 

Jessica Alba 


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Charli D’Amelio 


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Following – 49M

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Aideen Kate


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Following – 49.6K

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Tadhg Fleming 


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Following – 1.4M

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Helen Owen 


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Following – 370K

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