What’s Margot Robbie’s The Sims Movie Going To Be About?

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First Margot Robbie brought us the Barbie Movie, and now she is bringing us a Sims movie… and if it’s anything like the Barbie movie, we’re in for a real treat!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot and her husband Tom are producing The Sims Movie with their production company Lucky Chap, alongside Vertigo Entertainment.

THR also reported that Kate Herron will direct and co-write the new movie alongside Briony Redman.

The actress is set to produce The Sims Movie based on the popular computer game that us 90s and 2000s babies grew up with.


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The plot of The Sims Movie is unknown as of yet, but fans know that the computer game allows players to control their avatars going about their daily lives, making us believe that the movie will have a bit of Barbie feel to it. 

Like in Barbie, the Sims player has control over what their Sim looks like, what they eat, where they work and basically everything they do.

The game allows you to play out multiple scenarios, from cooking, having parties and shopping to killing your avatar off and being visited by the grim reaper. It’s wild.

With the game’s many themes and plot lines it means there are lots of different directions that the new film might take.

Users on X have been discussing possible actresses for popular Sims character Bella Goth, with names such as Alexa Demie, Melissa Barrera and Camila Mendez coming up.

Bella Goth is fan favourite playable character in The Sims and has one of the craziest storylines in the game. Iykyk.

In The Sims 1 the family includes includes Bella, her husband Mortimer, her child Cassandra.

Fast forward ten years and we meet them again in The Sims 2. Bella has her second child Alexander and Cassandra is a young adult. Mortimer is an elder and Bella has gone missing.

Now if you’re a fan of The Sim and follow the lore you’ll know that Bella was last seen at Don Lothario’s house. Meanwhile Bella’s husband Mortimer has a fling going on with Don’s fiancé, Dina Caliente. The plot thickens. 

Before her disappearance in The Sims 2, Bella was last seen with Don Lothario on the roof of his house, and it’s highly implied that she was abducted by aliens.

In The Sims 3 we’re brought back in time to when Mortimer and Bella were children and Bella’s name was Bachelor not Goth. The Sims 4, however, takes place in an alternative timeline where Bella never went missing. 

It’s all very confusing, we know, but it would make an interesting storyline in The Sim’s Movie.

The adaptation is yet to be picked up by a studio meaning it could be a couple of years before it comes out, but we think it’ll definitely be worth the wait! 

Words by Grace Sweeney