When Does Spotify Wrapped 2022 Come Out?

What do you think will be on yours?

Each year we look forward to seeing what our Spotify accounts will tell about us and our music habits.

Compiling all of the music we listened to the most over the last 10 months, Instagram is usually awash with people sharing their lists. Some people hate it, and we get that. But if we’re being honest, we love it. Finding out that our childhood best friend is a closeted emo? It doesn’t get much better.

From January to October the app records all of the songs, albums, and artists you listen to and gives you back tonnes of fun categories based on that information. So when can we expect to see it for 2022?

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Since beginning the tradition in 2017, Spotify has never stuck to a specific date or time, however, over the last 5 years, we’ve noticed a pattern. Our Wrapped list usually drops on the first week of December.

Last year, we were treated to our stats a little early, on December 1st, and so we can only hope for the same this year.

That looks on track to happen so far, as the music app has begun its promo for Wrapped, as spotted by Pop Crave. You have until the end of this month for your music habits to be recorded as on October 31st it cuts off.

In December when the list drops you can find it through a pop-up on your Spotify app, or alternatively through a URL link which will lead you to the website.


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