Which ‘Too Hot To Handle’ S2 Couples Are Still Together?

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Too Hot To Handle is one of those car crash TV shows that’s impossible to take your eyes off. An exotic villa is pumped full of sexy, horny, singles and they’re told to follow one rule – keep their hands OFF one another.

If rules are broken, money is deducted from a prize pot. It shouldn’t be entertaining, but it absolutely is, and if you’re anything like us you’ll have watched your way through the whole second season by now.

If that is the case, then you’re probably wondering which couples are still together and which couples are not. So, we’ve done a little deep-dive to bring you all of our juicy findings, however, be warned, if you haven’t finished the season yet there are spoilers ahead!

Melinda and Marvin 

Kicking off with the couple we all want to know about. 26-year-old Marvin won the show, leaving with not only money in his pocket, but a gorgeous gal by his side too. Making their relationship official in the villa, Marvin and Melinda seemed inseparable.


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Sadly, it seems that they two are indeed separable though, as they have confirmed that they are no longer dating. Word on the street is,the two were supposed to meet up in Mexico after the show ended, but following an argument Marvin canceled his flights and left Melinda hanging – ouch.

BUT, before you go feeling too sorry for Melinda, don’t. As she has now moved on from Marvin… WITH PETER.


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Yep, that’s right. The two New Yorkers have connected again since leaving the house, going Insta official just this week. Melinda and Peter have been jetting off around the US a lot together judging from their social media, and their relationship seems to be blossoming perfectly.

Now, there ya are.

Cam and Emily 

The second couple we all were eager to see if they would last or not, is of course, Cam and Emily. And we’re happy to report some good news on this front – as they are still very much together!


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What’s more, not only are they BF and GF they also live together and have been for the last 4 months. In a recent interview Emily has said that “wedding bells are definitely on the cards” so we best be buying our hats!

Chase and Tabitha

For those who have watched the show in its entirety, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise to you to find out that Chase and Tabitha are no longer ‘together’. The pair were loosely in a couple at the end of the show, with Chase seemingly having more feelings for Tabitha than were reciprocated back.


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Reportedly the two chat ‘often’, but that’s as far as things go between them – shame! Chase is however very close with Marvin, and the two have made an effort to meet up since the show ending, how sweet.

Carly and Joey 

Another shotgun couple that got together towards the end of the show, Carly and Joey are sadly not in a relationship, but they are however good friends.


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Carly is now back in her homeland of Canada, but she says she has met with Joey in Miami a lot since finishing up the show. She’s also still good friends with others from the show, including Chase and Melinda. Well, as the old saying goes ‘nothing creates a stronger bond than being thrown into a villa together and being forced to stay celibate for 4 weeks’.

Robert and Christina 

Okay, I hope you’re sitting down for this one. Because according to Christina’s recent Instagram snap, she and Rober have been an item for 6 months now.

It comes as a shock particularly seeing as the two were kicked off the show for not respecting the rules and showing willingness to create a deep connection. Hmm, looks like Lana isn’t always right after all.

Nathan and Elle 

Finally, we have Nathan and Elle, who are very much not still together. Ditching Larissa for Elle in the show, Nathan says that “Elle’s not text me back, so I had to move on from that one.”


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He does however keep in regular contact with Larissa, who is now back in New Zealand absolutely living her best life. Go, Larissa!

All episodes of season two of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix now.


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