Who Is Brittany Mahomes, AKA Taylor Swift’s New Bestie?

Yes, we're jealous.

Image via Instagram, @brittanylynne

It’s pretty much every girl’s dream to be part of Taylor Swift’s squad, right?

Long standing members of her closest girl group include Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, while other ladies have had brief flings with the group that didn’t seem to last; take Olivia Rodrigo and Zendaya.

Now, there appears to be a new bestie being initiated into the squad; none other than American sports team owner Brittany Mahomes.

Image vi Instagram, @brittanylynne

Recently, Brittany was spotted out with Taylor’s iconic crew for a night out in New York City – and the pair were even papped holding hands!

Taylor and Brittany were joined by Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne as they had dinner at private Japanese dining space Bond St., according to E! news.

So who is Brittany Mahomes? And how have her and Taylor gotten so close, so quickly?


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Brittany is a 28 year old retired professional soccer player from Texas. She is a founding co-owner of American professional team Kansas City Current, which is a part of the top-division National Women’s Soccer League.

Brittany met Taylor through sport – but not her own! Her husband, Patrick Mahomes, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who else do we know that plays for the Chiefs? Yep, it’s Travis Kelce – who Taylor Swift is currently dating!


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Brittany and Patrick have been married for a year, and they share two children together; Sterling (aged 2) and Bronze (9 months).

E! news reports that Brittany and Taylor have cemented their friendship while supporting Patrick and Travis at games together.

After being spotted doing a cute handshake and bumping hips at Arrowhead stadium, Brittany’s husband Patrick joked that he’ll have to work on his friendship with Travis.


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In an interview with Kansas City radio show KCSP, Patrick said “I need to talk to Travis because me and Travis don’t even have a handshake yet.

“So I mean, they’re ahead of the game on us…we’re gonna get on the whiteboard, and me and Trav are gonna figure out a handshake so that we can try to one up theirs.” Gas.

We can’t say we aren’t jealous Brittany…we just need to find a professional quarterback to secure a place in Tay’s squad!