Who Is Kirby Jenner? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Kardashian/Jenner You’ve Never Heard Of

He's just as into social media as the rest of the gang.

Considering how large the Jenner and Kardashian klan actually is, it’s no surprise we missed its latest male addition.

On that note, meet Kirby Jenner. He’s Ken-Jen’s fraternal twin and amateur modelling buddy.

It seems the reason we’ve never seen him before is because the family keep cropping him out of photos so as to keep the focus on themselves. He told Allure that cropping is, “Just part of the biz.” He added, “Kendall has her career, and I’ve got mine. Like, yeah I’m cropped out of the photo but that doesn’t crop out the dope memory I have of a particular shoot.” Word.

Okay, so they’re not actually related. But don’t they look alike? Kirby Jenner is a self-proclaimed ‘lover of all things’ and has spent the last two years photoshopping himself into photos with Kendall Jenner. He’s already racked up 600K followers on Instagram.

And the kid’s got major editing skills, we’ll give him that.

Kirby is down with the rest of the family too, appearing alongside Kanye and Kim after baby Saint West’s baptism. He mentioned in the caption, “Kanye was kinda mad that our outfits looked similar but I think we look like chill AF silverware hahaha.”

And he’s close with Kylie, too.

We don’t know how Kendall feels about her supposed ‘twin’ but we sure like him.

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