WHO KNEW? We’ve All Been Mispronouncing Nutella

And no, it's not just because we've been saying it with our mouths full.


We’re nuts about Nutella (sorry.) Just yesterday we brought you an amaze-o hack that turns the dregs of your favourite jar of yumminess into a delicious hot chocolate and we’re pretty partial to spreading it on our toast and (guilty!) eating it straight from the jar.

But we’ll bet even the most staunch Nutella fan didn’t know this: it’s not pronounced NUT-tella. Nuh-uh, we’ve been saying it wrong all along.

According to the peeps who make our fave-o hazelnutty spread, it’s actually pronounced NEW-tella, which we reckon doesn’t make sense at all, given it’s a nut-based spread, but how and ever.

Here’s what the people at Nutella say on their website…

Nutella Website

The more you know, eh?

Whether it’s it NUT-ella, NEW-tella or something else entirely, nothing’s gonna stop us from grab a spoon and digging in.


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