Why Was Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Celebration Cancelled This Year?

Why no Krazy Kim Kardashian birthday celebrations this year?


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If there is one thing we know about the Kardashians, it’s that they love an over the top celebration. Think Kravis’ lavished Italian wedding with Andrea Bocelli performing, and Dolce and Gabbana providing all the dresses. Or their star-studded Christmas party, which takes months of planning and has half of Hollywood on the guest list.

So it came as a big surprise that we heard little about Kim’s birthday celebrating this week. The star turned 42 on Friday, and reportedly started her day attending daughter North’s basketball match, before hosting an intimate dinner with friends and family.

Considering previous birthday parties have involved flying all of her friends to private islands, and a hologram version of her late father…well this type of small get together just don’t seem very Kardashian.

But that’s because it wasn’t supposed to be. Her Friday celebrations seem to have just been small ways to mark her actual b-day, with a bigger celebration planned for this weekend. So why haven’t we seen anything from her actual birthday celebrations? Well, it seems their big plans were forcibly cancelled.


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Kim had originally planned to fly all her friends to Las Vegas for an Usher concert and plenty of partying. And things were all set to go.

All her guests including mum Kris, sister Khloe, and friend Malika Haqq, Natalie Halcro, Stephanie Suganami Shepherd, Tracy Romulus, and Olivia Pierson, tuned up at the airport, dressed to the nines, and actually boarded Kylie Jenner’s private jet (which Kim was borrowing).

But mid-flight, they were informed due to extreme winds in the city, they would be unable to land in Las Vegas. So the plane turned around and headed home.

So that’s why we haven’t gotten a Krazy lavished Kim Kardashian birthday celebration (well yet at least). But the girls still found a way to enjoy their weekend and celebrate Kim…by heading to a fast food burger joint!


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In their designer dress, the gals headed to In-and-Out Burger, an American fast food restaurant, which the KarJenners love.

Ordering a bunch of food they just enjoy their night there, which actually sounds like the best craic.

Ohhh, and the best part? Their reality show was filming at the time, so we can get the insider scoop on their fast food birthday on the next season of The Kardashians.

Happy belated birthday Kimbo!


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