Why Wasn’t Kourtney Kardashian At Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Party?

Relax, there is no beef between Kourtney and Kendall


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Kendall Jenner is expanding her tequila company…and doing amazing sweetie!

The model recently announced that her brand, 818 Tequila will be launching a new drink in September, Eight Reserve by 818. Of course, in true KarJenner fashion the launch came with a fabulous photoshoot and a star studded party.

The launch for Eight Reserve was literally full of A-listers with Orlando Bloom, Hailey and Justin Bieber, James Corden, Zack Bia, and Fai Khadra all celebrating her new drink.

Kendall’s parent Kris and Caitlyn Jenner even reunited for the party! Along with her sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. But notably missing for the event was Kourtney Kardashian.

Now, any Kardashian fan will know it’s completely on brand for Kourt to simply not go to an event if she doesn’t want to. But this time, she seems to have skipped it for an important reason.

While no one in the family has commented on Kourt’s absence, her husband Travis Barker just confirmed he has tested positive for Covid-19.

Announcing the news on IG, Travis posted a a snap from Machine Gun Kelly’s Mainstream Sellout tour, which he was supposed to be playing at, with the caption, “Covid sucks I’d rather be playing drums.”

So Kourt is probably having to isolate with him or else wanting to say close to her husband should he need her. After all, it was just two months ago the Travis was rushed to hospital for “life-threatening” pancreatitis. Which really worried the whole family.

It definitely doesn’t seem like there is any beef between the sisters.

Kourtney even commented on Kendall’s IG announcement for the new drink, with some partying emojis.

Here’s wishing Travis a safe and quick recovery.


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