Why We Think Love Island Has Past Its Peak

It's the final episode of The Skim, season one!

We have reached the final episode of The Skim, season one. Can you believe it? Time is flying by us, we can hardly get our heads around the fact that a whopping 15 episodes are done and dusted (and on all podcast platforms for you to listen back to!)

Now, wrapping up with our 15th episode, we’re talking about this week’s biggest celebrity stories as well as lots of telly thoughts.

In today’s hard sell, we’re discussing why, four weeks in, we’re starting to think that Love Island has past its glory days.

Was it the pandemic? A vital need for a rejig to the structure? Or just poor casting? Whatever the case may be, Love Island figures are continuing to drop with each season and we think we might have just run out of excitement.

Granted, we’re watching it every night still, but could this be the last season we dedicate our nights to in hopes it’ll rummage up some excitement? Listen to find out our true thoughts.

And moving from one show to another that has us feeling the same, Rebecca, a diehard housewives stan is explaining why the new season of RHONY is starting to make her think the show is also in need of some tweaking.

Yep, it’s a jam packed episode that also involves Kardashian news, chat about Normani’s new single, why we’re *confused* with the new trailer for Sex Education and a hack on how you can cut your onions WITHOUT crying, thanks TikTok.

Again, a massive thank you for lending us your ears this season. Hosting The Skim has been an absolute pleasure for both Rebecca and I, and we cannot wait to see you in s2.


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