WTF?! Here’s Why Katy Perry Was Tweeting ‘Miss You’ At Taylor Swift Last Night

Er, is the feud over?

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Stealing boyfriends, stealing backing dancers… Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s four-year feud has covered a whole range of topics, and while things seem to have simmered down of late, we reckon it wouldn’t take much to spark things up again.

So that’s why we were VERY confused last night to see Katy’s tweet at Taylor, which simply read “Miss you baby.”

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Was it an olive branch, or simply some major trolling on Katy’s part? Sadly for our gossip-loving brains, it turns out Katy’s tweet was just an unfortunate mistake, that didn’t originate from the singer herself.

A quick flick through the four or five tweets sent from Katy’s account yesterday evening – all of which were deleted within 30 minutes – make it pretty clear that Katy’s account had in fact been taken over by hackers.

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And while the tweet at Taylor was definitely a genius move, the other hacked tweets were altogether more unsavoury, including one which used the n-word and another slur against the LGBTQ community.

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Neither Katy or Taylor have addressed last night’s tweet, but given that Taylor herself was hacked on Twitter just last year, she can no doubt sympathise with her frenemy.


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