You Can Now Play This Hocus Pocus Game With Your Friends Over Zoom

SISTAHS, it's time to have a little fun.

Halloween is upon us and so, we’re getting in the spooky season mood by binge watching scary films, milling through some themed snacks and of course, playing an auld game or two.

As apple bobbing is pretty Covid-19 unfriendly, we’ll be spending this Halloween playing a themed drinking game to the quintessential Halloween flick, Hocus Pocus.

A game that’s suitable to play over Zoom, and makes for a lot of fun when unfortunately, you can team up with your mates  in person this spooky season.

Created by HomeWetBar, the game is all based on the movie, making it interactive and seriously fun. Asking you to take a sip, a gulp or a shot, the orders are all based on different part of the movie, so you got to be watching real closely.

Here’s how to play!

Take a sip when… 

  • Every time the Sanderson Sisters inhale/smell deeply
  • Binx says something sarcastic
  • Sarah Sanderson gets flirty or says something dirty
  • The sisters are afraid or perplexed due to a modern day invention
  • Binx mentions Emily

Take a gulp when… 

  • Every time the spell book opens its eye
  • Billy Butcherson loses a limb
  • Max is referred to as “Hollywood”
  • Winifred calls to her BoooooOoooOk
  • Whenever the sisters recite/cast a spell

Take a shot when… 

  • Yabos are mentioned
  • Someone makes a salt circle
  • Mary rides a vacuum instead of a broom
  • When someone says “Hocus Pocus”
  • There is a sentimental sibling moment

So, pour yourself a cup of your favourite witches’ brew, grab your SISTAHS over Zoom, and enjoy the flick in the comfort of your own home!

Always remember to drink responsibly, visit drinkaware for more information. 


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