“You Don’t Have To Be Nice” Lili Reinhart’s Taxi Story Is An Important Reminder About Safety

The Riverdale star reminds us that it's vital you feel safe.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart has urged fans to be cautious when using taxis following a personal experience.

The Riverdale star revealed that she was about to get into a taxi at the airport but hesitated when things didn’t seem right.

Taking to Twitter to explain the story, she said: “PSA: I was just ushered to a car by someone posing to be an airport cab/Uber driver. I got to his car and there were absolutely no signs that he was a professional service driver. So I did NOT get into the car.”

“Please pay attention and make smart decisions out there.”

She then added a second tweet, with an important message about trusting instincts.

“Seriously… please be careful out there. You don’t have to be nice or worry about being rude. Trust your gut. It could save you,” she said.

The 22-year-old stresses the importance of not worrying about manners in a time when you don’t feel safe.

Sadly, of late, there have been headlines in the news about taxi drivers assaulting women, and many women will know the feeling of anxiety and stress when they don’t feel safe in a car.

In the US companies like Uber allow for people to use their own cars to offer a taxi service or rideshare which can make it more difficult to spot something sinister.

In Ireland, you will see the drivers information displayed clearly at the passenger seat and if you use an app, you’ll have their information on your phone. If you want to feel more secure while in the car, you can send the details of the taxi to a friend and make a call while in the taxi to let them know when you’ll be home. And as pointed out by Lili, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to hop out.