You Hungry? Deliveroo Just Gave Customers The BEST News Ever!

Perfect for anyone ordering alone!

Have you ever been starving, gone to order food but been discouraged by having to spend a certain amount before your order is accepted? It’s a pain for anyone eating alone, or for someone who wants to eat something different to everyone else in the group.

But Deliveroo has just given hungry Irish people the news we’ve all been waiting for – no minimum spend! The delivery service, which brings the finest local restaurants into everyone’s home or office, will now bring your meal to you regardless of what it costs.

So whether you just want tortilla chips and salsa from Boojum, or a smoothie and porridge from Pog, you’ll no longer have to buy unwanted items to reach the minimum spend limit. #BestNewsEver.

And don’t forget to use the exclusive STELLAR code ‘TREATYOSELF2’ at the checkout for free delivery!

To order, visit now, or download the Deliveroo app from the App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links below:


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