You Need To See Kendall And Kylie’s Drunk Make-up Tutorial

It's fair to say things got a little out of hand

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have filmed a boozy make-up tutorial for YouTube, and yes, it’s about as messy as you could imagine.

Turning the video into a business promotion (it is the Kar-Jens after all, what do you expect?!), the sisters sipped on Kendall’s new alcohol, 818 tequila, while they painted their faces – literally.

Remember the days when you would do your make-up before a night out? A drink or two in and you would suddenly start feeling very brave when it came to your make-up choices, ultimately leaving the house rocking a purple shadow. Well imagine that scenario x100 and that’s the antics of this video.

Sharing a snippet of what we can expect on her Instagram story, Kendall and Kylie can be seen inside Kylie’s LA office attempting to keep things together. But it isn’t long before things begin to get out-of-hand, with Kylie rocking a rogue hair extension on top of her head, and Kendall using a tissue to wipe something ‘spicy’ from her mouth.

As for the make-up part of the video, Kendall can be seen sporting some extreme blush and overlined lips, while Kylie rocks a blue lip and yellow highlight.

Eventually letting the Tequila win, the two take to the floor to roll around in fits of laughter before ending the video by heading off to a drive-thru to quench those drunk cravings with some fast-food.

Girls, if you’re going that way, could you pick us up 12 chicken McNuggets, please?


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