You Need To See Shay Mitchell’s Bonkers Gender Reveal Party Involving Fighting Power Rangers

Shay and partner Matte are expecting their first child.


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Chains on chains on chains this Sunday

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Pretty Little Liars fans were pretty ecstatic when Shay Mithcell announced she was expecting her first child.

Shay took to Instagram last week to make the baby announcement with a stunning, dramatic shot showing off her bump.


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Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times now?

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But this was only the beginning of the baby content.

Next up, was the gender reveal party. They’ve become hugely popular over the last few years with many parents now not even knowing themselves what they’re having, but instead passing it on to someone who will create something to pop, or cut open or show off to reveal it all.

We’ve seen all sorts of gender reveal parties, the ones where you pop a balloon and get either pink or blue confetti, cut a cake to find coloured icing inside, others even pop a coloured flare to reveal the gender via smoke, kind of like announcing the new pope!

But with all of this, we reckon Shay Mitchell’s gender reveal party may have been the most bonkers.

Shay and partner Matte got her assistant Liz to find out the gender and plan something exciting for the reveal, and we can’t say it wasn’t dramatic.

First, a blue Power Ranger jumped out and Shay and Matte begin to celebrate that they’re having a boy, but oh no… that’s only the beginning!

Next a pink Power Ranger comes out and they begin to seemingly fight to the death?!

This involved a lot of ‘punching’, rolling around on the ground, and even being thrown into the pool.

“Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers!” exclaims Shay. Nor us, Shay!

Partner Matte stays pretty much silent and confused looking, throughout.

When they get into the pool they pull off their masks to reveal that it’s Elysia and Lawrence – aka their friends.

Then, the pink one jumps out of the pool and sits on the expectant parents’ laps.

Looking pretty confused they ask ‘is it a girl?!’

Eventually it’s cleared up that yes, it is indeed a baby girl.

Confusing, a lot of effort and just a bit bonkers. Maybe stick to popping balloons if you are planning on doing a gender reveal!


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