Zara Has Just Launched A Clothing Collection For Your Dog

*Sass not for sale*

Still stuck in Level 5 as we edge our way towards the end of yet another month, it’s fair to say we need to get our kicks from somewhere.

Giving us those kicks today is Zara’s brand new clothing collection, designed specifically for the pooch in your life.

Known for their outlandish photoshoots, this time Zara truly outdid themselves, with Rosie, the skate-boarding dog, Minky, the sausage dog, and Pam, the sweet sweet lady.

The collection is made up of chic neck bandanas, leads, and quilted jackets, including one that comes with a matching bodysuit, so both hooman and doggo can look good.

But, it doesn’t just stop there, you can also treat your dog to some new accessories. From wicker and cushioned beds to blankets and pet brushes, pretty much everything is covered in the collection, but we are sad to report that the teeny glasses seen in the promo shots are not for sale, although DSPCA may feel the need to get involved if they spot dogs bating it around in sunnies, so it’s probably for the best.

Our personal favourite from the range has to be this yellow raincoat – just look at the hood! Stylish AND practical.

Prices start from €15.95, and go up to €39.95. You can check out the collection for yourself here.



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