Zendaya Addresses Tom Holland Engagement Rumours

We just know Zendaya's wedding dress would be immaculate!

Zendaya Tom Holland


Zendaya and Tom Holland undoubtedly one of our favourite couples, so naturally when there was talk of an engagement…We were very excited! Mainly to see what dress Law Roach was pull for Z’s big day, but also, ya know love and commitment and whatever.

So why are fans hearing wedding bells? Well, earlier this week Zendaya posted a video selfie and fans were quick to notice a seriously sparkling ring.

The spidey-senses kicked in to over drive and suddenly there was theories about a proposal, who asked who, would it be a destination wedding, who’ll make the guest list…the internet essentially turned in to wedding planners for a hot minute there.

But Zendaya has now addressed the speculation, and unfortunately there will be no Zendaya in a wedding gown anytime soon…er umm no marriage, we mean unfortunately there won’t be a marriage in the near future.



Addressing the speculation, the Emmy-Award winner shut down the engagement chatter, and poked a pretty big hole in the theory.

Saying: ““I can’t post anything, you guys. I posted it for my hat. Like, not for the ring on my RIGHT finger, you guys.”

Yeah, okay that was kinda a big red flag for the theory.

Continuing: “Seriously, you think that’s how I would drop the news? You think? Like, what?”


The couple first connected in 2017 when they starred alongside each other as Peter Parker and Michelle ‘MJ’ in Marvel’s Spider-Man films.

However, they focused on friendship for quite a few years, but their romance went public in 2021.