Zendaya Just Shared The Hilarious Issue Plaguing Her Relationship With Tom Holland

Don't worry, Tomdaya are fine!


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Zendaya and Tom Holland are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples, and they just got a whole lot cuter, because even the issues in their romance are adorable.

While they typically keep things pretty private, Zendaya opened up about their relationship in a new interview with The Sun. With the actress confessing she sometimes doesn’t “understand” her boyfriend.

No not in some existential-meta way, like she literally can’t understand his meaning sometimes, with him being English, while Zendaya is a California girl, and so much of Tom’s London slang is very unfamiliar for the Euphoria star.

As she explained: “I love the ­British accent, but as much as Tom tries to explain it to me, I will never understand rhyming slang.”


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“Like I understand the concept — but what do apples and pears have to do with stairs?” Zendaya continued.

(And honestly…she has a point!)

Admitting that Tom is actually trying to teach her some, she explained: “It’s cute when he tells me all the different phrases — but I really don’t get it!”

Cockney’s distinct rhyming slang works by replacing a word with the first word of a phrase that rhymes with the original word. For instance, money in rhyming slang is bread, coming from the phrase honey and bread.

Confusing(or sixes and sevens in regular cockney slang)? Most certainly!


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The couple, who met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, have known each other since July of 2016.

But it seems their romance didn’t start until 2021, when the pair were caught packing on some PDA by the paparazzi.

Most recently they headed to Tom’s native England and enjoyed a date in King Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace in London, for Easter weekend.


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