Zooey Deschanel Just ‘Proved’ To The Internet That She Does Have A Forehead

And a gorgeous one at that

Zooey Deschanel is known mainly for two things – her gas role as Jess on sitcom New Girl and her swoon-worthy fringe.

With all of us dragging along a snap of Zooey to our hairdressers demanding they give us locks exactly like hers, it comes as a slight shock to the system to see her without those signature bangs.

Sharing a picture of herself sans fringe, Zooey said: “Proof that I have a forehead” along with the caption ‘For all the doubters’.

Although it’s a rare occurrence, this isn’t the first time Zooey has been seen sporting a new look. Showing up to the 2013 Met Gala with her fringe swept back from her face, it wasn’t long before the Internet was ablaze with comments on Zooey’s different gruiage. Taking it all in her stride, Zooey shared a picture of a meme from that night, saying:

“This photo reminded me of this meme…LOL”

Speaking about her iconic do’ to Glamour some years ago, Zooey admitted that she’s ‘Hooked’ on fringes.

“You could say that I’m hooked on bangs,” she said.

“Would I ever give them up? I have, and I might again—for a role, perhaps—but I really don’t feel like myself without them.”

Sure look, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.