10 Tiny Fashion Tweaks That’ll Make You Look Instantly More Stylish

Adding sartorial brownie points doesn't mean overhauling your entire wardrobe. Nope, with a few smart tweaks upping your style game can be as easy as one, two, three...

1. Add a heel

Fashion blogger in heels

Flats are great for running to the bus, but a low heel court will add a quick touch of glam to your everyday attire. Keep a pair spare in your handbag, and slip them on after your commute.

Asos Rose Heel

Suede court shoe, €37.99, Asos

2. Accessorise

Women fashion accessories

The easiest way to take your your outfit from meh! to hey!, is to be smart with accessories. But don’t just go for any old add-on. We like a quirky handbag to add interest.

Net a porter bag


Sleeping Alice bag, €940, Net-A-Porter


3. Try a half tuck

fashion blogger half tuck shirt

Should your shirt be in or out? Can’t decide, try a half tuck. It’s a not-so polished way to give your outfit a stylish edge.

River Island Longline Shirt

Longline shirt, €37, River Island

4. Layer your jewellery

Fashion blogger accessories

It’s a look that’s so in right now, and when it comes to accessories, you can never have too many. Load up your arm with as many bracelets as you can get your hands on – and don’t be afraid to clash metals for added sass.

New Look Rose Gold Cuff

Rose gold cuff, €7.99, New Look

5. Pop on a red lip

fashion blogger red lip

Crossing the line between fashion and beauty, a red lip is the perf way to look instantly put together. We love Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick for a killer pout.

Charlotte Tilbury

6. Mix your patterns

Pattern Mixing

It’s not the easiest look to pull off, but once you’ve got it licked, pattern mixing can add that extra element of surprise to your outfit. (Psst! We’ve got some smart advice on how to get it right here.)

River Island Pattern V Neck

Pattern V neck, €14, River Island

7. Go for bold

Fashion blogger in blue

Always wearing black, black, and, um, more black? Us too. Switch up your style game with a little colour introduction. Shades that are set to be hot this season are coffee, baby blue and rose.

New Look roll sleeve shirt

Roll sleeve shirt, €22.99, New Look

8. Find the right bra

fashion bra

Helping to create the perfect silhouette and holding in any nasty four-boob spillages, a good-fitting bra can make all the difference. For the best fit, hit up your fave-o lingerie shop, where they’ll be able to tell you the exact size you should be wearing.

Victoria's Secret bra

Ice angel push-up bra, €37.38-€53.47, Victoria’s Secret

9. Go off-the-shoulder

fashion blogger off the shoulder

It’s a big trend right now, but you don’t need to shop a whole wardrobe’s worth of tops that graze the tops of your arms. Nope, just grab your fave classic button down, and pull it slightly of your shoulders. Sorted.

New Look White Shirt

White shirt, €22.99, New Look

10. Don’t forget your posture

Runway model

Not strictly a fashion tweak per se (hands up, you got us!) but standing tall, with your shoulders back and your hips slightly forward really can make your outfit look a whole lot better. Practice a killer stance in the mirror for a more flattering fit. It works for runway models after all.