11 Brilliantly Charming Irish-Designed Christmas Cards To Send Out This Year

Merry Christmas, ya big eejit.

christmas caaard

Sending Christmas cards is something of a forgotten joy, but if you can spare an hour to write and post a few cards out this year, you’ll have eternal festive good karma.

If you’re not keen on a generic holly bough or Christmas teddy bear card, fear not, because the internet is FULL of gorgeous, handmade, sweet and funny cards that you can order for just a few euro a pop. The best part? All of these cards are Irish-designed, meaning you’re supporting our arts scene too. Win.

Here are a few – you’d best order soon to ensure they arrive in time for you to write and send them before Christmas rolls around, FYI.

1. This Gaeilge/Béarla hybrid

christmas card 9

Get it here.


2. This sheepish Christmas jumper card

christmas card

Buy it here.


3. This gorgeous card, with an original gouache-painted design

christmas card 7

Find it here.


4. This sweet message for when you need to tell it like it is.

christmas card eejit

Buy it here.


5. This card, to settle the Santa/Santy debate once and for all.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 16.36.45

Find it here.


6. This card, which gives a shout out to everyone’s fave baby, JC.

baby jesus card

Buy it here.


7. This beautiful Santa as Gaeilge design

santa card

Find it here.


8. This card, perfect for your Mam.


Order it here.


9. This expletive-laden greeting.

christmas card 5

Find it here.


10. This sassy number.

christmas caaard

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11. And this, for all the pun lovers out there.

christmas card 99

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