5 Netflix Original Heartthrobs That Have Us Swooning

Because fictitious boys are better than the real deal

If there’s one thing Netflix is good at it’s making us fall for boys that we’ve absolutely no hope of ever finding in real life.

Although slightly depressing, we’ll admit, watching and falling in love with these fictional boys is one of our guilty pleasures, and although they may fill us with these non-realistic expectations of love, it’s never really bad for us to raise our standards in what we deserve in our relationships, right ladies?

The recent release of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before got us thinking about all the top gents Netflix has brought t0 us over the years, so we put together a nice list of all our favourites here at STELLAR HQ. In no particular order, here are five Netflix Original heartthrobs that are too pure for the real world.

1. Jughead Jones

I don’t care who you are or who you fancy, there’s something about a bold boy that gets all of us squealing. Jughead from Riverdale is a fine example (not to mention fine thing) of a bad boy with good intentions. He’s deep and dangerous and he’s also a kind soul and loves his girlo, and isn’t that all we can ask for really?

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2. Clay Jensen

I know you’ve all seen that meme of Dylan Minnette where everyone thinks he looks like every average boy ever, however, I personally believe that’s his 13 Reasons Why character’s appeal! Admittedly he’s not perfect, but he’s emotional and a good friend and there’s just something about him. Look at him and this dog!

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3. Steve Harrington

I know I said this list was in no particular order, but I’m going to cheekily disclose that Steve from Stranger Things is my favourite heartthrob on it. We can all agree that his actions were a bit questionable in season one, however he absolutely blossomed as a character in season two, serving us ultimate mom vibes with the ST kids. Also, he was a bit hard done by in the relationship department. The boy just wanted to be loved, god love him.

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4. Joel Hammond

An oldie but goodie, Joel is the backbone of Netflix’s original Santa Clarita Diet. He manages to hold the fam together when his wife becomes a flesh eating monster, and still loves her even though she’d eat him at any second. It sounds morbid but trust me when I say it’s a light watch and Joel is the ultimate DILF.

5. Peter Kavinsky

Here at STELLAR HQ we love us some Peter Kavinsky, and we’re perfectly okay with hopping on the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before bandwagon. We could write a long list of all the things we love about Peter (ignoring the whole scrunchie fiasco), like him watching 16 Candles with Lara Jean and her sister, putting a photo of Lara Jean as his lock screen, not drinking while driving, the list goes on. Heartthrob definition: Peter Kavinsky.

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